The journey begins

We have now officially made our entrance into a strange new world. Elanke and I decided to get married last year and, instead of saving up for a big event, we had a small get-together with our families. Our fathers, both being ministers, each had some role to play in the ceremony which took place at a lodge near our house in Namibia. Besides our mothers, fathers and my youngest sister, two swallows also showed up to witness the event, sat silently until the end and then flew off. Afterward we had a lovely dinner and went home.

Now, back in South Africa, we have moved into our new home; a pretty two storey two bedroom apartment with an open-plan kitchen and living room on the first floor as well as a small garden. Since both of our previous apartments were tiny single-room affairs with the bathroom attached, we’re quite excited about this. Katryn, our out-of-wedlock cat, will also be joining us soon and, for both her and our benefit, we have begun preparing the garden and are looking forward to her ignoring us in our very own home.

The fact that you are reading this, dear reader, also means that we have officially launched our website. We look forward to filling it with tons of interesting blog posts and projects. Tusks and Tentacles, this joint venture of ours, will showcase our designs, illustrations, stories and photos and I invite you to watch it closely as we expect it to grow quite a bit in the coming months.

2 thoughts on “The journey begins”

  1. Baie geluk julle 2! (en Katryn 🐱). ‘n Wonderlike nuwe pad wat vir julle voorlê! Kannie wag om te sien wat julle blog oplewer nie! 💖

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