This is us

We started this journey some years ago as friends when we first met through Elanke’s sister, who thought we would get along great for our mutual love of art and literature. Over time we spoke a few times, mainly a text message here and there and occasionally meeting up at the restaurant where her sister worked. Somewhere along the way the messages stopped and we saw and heard very little of each other. Eventually I moved to Pretoria for work and, not long after, received a message from Elanke who needed advice with Photoshop. Since she was living nearby, I offered to come over and help. Upon seeing her once more I was naturally smitten all over again.

Having my legs swept from under me was, at least, not so much a disaster as she had a set of crutches nearby, having fallen off a ladder and torn a ligament in her ankle recently. Hobbling on from there we were fast friends and, in almost no time, an item. Now, with our feet firmly planted on the ground and our fates thoroughly intertwined, we can look forward with much excitement, and possibly some screaming, to what fine adventures lay in wait.


Thomas, Graphic Designer

Elanke, Linguist, Editor