Illustrated marks 1

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Josef Johannes “Jopie” Fourie was a scout and dispatch rider during the Boer War and was executed during the rebellion of 1914 – 1915 against General Louis Botha. Today Jopie Fourie is still considered a hero by many.
This illustration will be used mainly on t-shirts.

Nicolaas Petrus (N.P.) van Wyk Louw was an Afrikaans-language poet, playwright and scholar who viewed Afrikaans as a bridge that connects Africa with Europe.
This design is mainly for use on t-shirts and mugs.

William Ewart Gladstone Louw, known to most as W.E.G. Louw, was an Afrikaans-language poet and the younger brother of N.P. van Wyk Louw.
Also for use on t-shirts and mugs.